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Our Current Cloud Solutions include:


Office 365


With NBN, Wireless ISP’s and other high speed internet becoming reality, your organisation needs to become more effective and competitive. One effective way to do that is to utilise cloud based services such as Google for Work or Office365.

While both Google for Work and Office365 are great tools, depending on the business culture and requirements, one may be more suitable for your needs. Regardless of the product, features like:

Real-time collaboration with your colleges

Files accessible from anywhere on a wide range of devices

Low maintenance

Flexible and can grow with your business

Although these services utilise the public cloud, it is worth nothing that these services need backups, as even though the marketing of these services makes it appear that your data is being backed up this is more for the purpose of providing these services to you.

At Paricom we know the pro’s / cons about the differences in Google for Work and Office365. Contact us for a no obligation discussion on how either Google for Work or Office365 could work for you!

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